FREE Introductory Guitar Lesson TABLE OF CONTENTS

Guitar Lesson One - Getting Started
* Sitting Positions
* Standing Position
* Hand Positions
* Fretting
* Holding the pick
* How to practice efficiently
* Frets
* Intro to Chords
* Chord diagram - A major chord
* Exercise: playing the A major chord
* Intro to strumming
* Exercise: strumming the A major chord
* the D Major chord
* Hints for buying a new guitar

Guitar Lesson Two
* Tuning Your Guitar to Itself
* Progress and Motivation

Guitar Lesson Three
* How to Read Guitar Tablature - Part 1
* Notes on the first string
* Getting ‘That’ sound – blues/rock guitar solo aka Jimi Hendrix
* Link to Free software to learning how to read music

Guitar Lesson Four
* How to Read Guitar Tablature - Part 2
* Chords and Tablature

Guitar Lesson Five
* Introduction to Chord Progressions
* turnaround progressions
* chords

and more:
* which guitar to learn on
* Hints for Buying a Second Hand Guitar
* Playing in a Band

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